Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Etsy Day by Kodomo

WOOHOO Etsy Day!!!!!

I wrote an Etsy song. It is to the tune of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" It's kinda weird but, hey, I tried my best. Here it is:

Etsy's on the computer
It's a site
Where you can by handmade and vintage
All through the day and night!

Etsy has many features
And lots of things to find!
In the treasury or gift guide...
So many it will blow your mind!

Ooohhhh Etsy is a special place
And really nothing co-o-ould replaaaceee it!
So keep Etsy dot com in mind,
And I hope that one day that's
Where I'll fiiind you!

Etsyyyy is filled with cool stuff
You will love
A greeting card, and a handbag
A necklace, and some vintage gloves!

Oh so ma-any peoplego
To etsy dot com
why, oh why, don't yoooouuu?!!!


Wonderful!! Congratulations Kodomo!! :-) :-)

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