Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some New Wools

This week we went to buy new yarns for make more items for our store.

We went to Scalabrini Ortiz avenue, at Moussa's and Nube's shops, where we can find wonderful acrylics and acrylics wool blend yarns. We prefer knit with such material because it doesn't produce allergy.
Maxima and Madonna yarns are fabricated specially by LHO for Moussa, and we went there for them.
Both are a blend of acrylic and wool in a proportion 70/30. Maxima yarn has a variable thickness instead of Madonna which keeps the same thickness. We use knitting needles number 7 or 8 for this yarn.

We have just used Maxima for making scarves and berets and Madonna for hats and neckwarmers.

Moussa offers a great variety of colors and combinations so it is very difficult to decide which one to buy.

Near Moussa, at the corner of the same block is Nube's store. Nube fabricates their own yarns. There are a great variety of yarns of wool and cottons there, in a large range of colors. This time we have bought some skeins of Brandy, pure acrylic yarn with a silk texture. For this yarn we have to use needles number 4,5 or 5.

Now we have a lot of material, is time to start to make the skeins!

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